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SPARK for Autism

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

As part of Hypothesis Haven Science Club's mission to teach children how doctors and scientists discover, treat and prevent illnesses, we are excited to share opportunities for children to take part in clinical research.


The SPARK for Autism study aims to be the largest ever online research study, collecting information and DNA from 50,000 families, to help answer questions about autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Hypothesis Haven "Top Doc" Dr. Robin Kochel is the local lead scientist, or "principal investigator" of this study.


SPARK wants to speed up autism research and advance the understanding of autism.

Who can participate?

  • Person with an ASD diagnosis

  • Parents of a child with ASD

What will you do in the study?

In this online study, you will give information and DNA

Online or in-person visit(s)?


Principal Investigator

Robin P. Goin-Kochel, PhD

Join now at

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