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POWER Study- Promoting OCD Wellness and Resilience

As part of Hypothesis Haven Science Club's mission to teach children how doctors and scientists discover, treat and prevent illnesses, we are excited to share opportunities for children to take part in clinical research.

Does your young scientist take OCD medication? They have the POWER! Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have launched the Promoting OCD Wellness and Resilience (POWER) study to discover a method of decreasing medicine doses for children with OCD.

What is OCD exactly? OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is a mental health disorder that affects many people. This disorder makes people have extreme obsessions that can lead to repetitive behaviors. It's believed that around 1 in 200 kids and teens will be impacted by OCD. Currently, medicine is really good at treating the symptoms of OCD, but it does not offer a cure. Here is where the researchers over at Baylor College of Medicine come in!

Purpose: POWER explores a way to reduce and discontinue OCD medication through cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Who Can Participate:

  • Children 7-17 years old

  • Must live in Texas

  • Must have a diagnosis of OCD with medication

What Will You Do?

You will participate in free online cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions (therapies which are designed to find and fix negative thought patterns and actions) for 12-18 weeks. At the halfway mark, you will be randomly selected (being placed into a group by chance) for continued medication or reduced medication for 24 additional weeks. Throughout the study, there will be 4 check-in visits to track your progress.

Online or In-Person Visit(s)? Online

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Eric A. Storch, Ph.D.

To see if you’re eligible to be in this study, click the link.


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