Careers in Clinical Research

Clinical research studies are medical experiments that involve people like you.  They help to find new ways to safely and effectively prevent, discover and treat diseases.  Clinical research studies are also called clinical trials.

Clinical trials are a big deal! Special doctors and scientists, called investigators, start with an idea for a treatment, and then complete experiments in the lab and on animals before testing them on people.

Along with investigators, there is a whole team of people working very hard to discover cures for diseases.

Hypothesis Haven Science Club's after-school programs, summer camps and workshops bring awareness to the diverse range of health science careers that support the clinical trials industry. Below are a few profiles of some of these people who we featured during 2020 Clinical Trials Awareness Week and the paths that they took to get there.

Research Pharmacist

Rebecca Scott is a Research Pharmacist in The Texas Medical Center in Houston.

She always loved math as a young girl, but it wasn’t until college that she became interested in science, and especially chemistry. Rebecca became a pharmacist in 2008 and took a class on clinical research as part of her residency.

Years later, she rediscovered clinical research while working at a cancer hospital that had many patients who were on clinical trials. She requested to work in the hospital’s special pharmacy that prepared and dispensed medications for those patients. As a research pharmacist, she gets to work on all types of interesting studies, including vaccines that treat cancer.

Rebecca is a huge Harry Potter fan and a mom of two.

Clinical Research Monitor

As a child growing up in Costa Rica,