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National Child Health Day

Since 1929, National Child Health day has been celebrated each year on the first Monday of October. This special day recognizes the care and guidance that children need to grow up healthy and strong.

The health of children should always be a top priority in order to reduce chronic (or long-term) disease, mental health disorders, and other childhood illnesses. Taking steps to keep disease from happening (preventative measures) and increasing access to health care can play a major role in decreasing childhood sickness and death rates.

Parents and caregivers are the main inspiration for the health of their children. The actions and habits that they display drastically impact the health outcomes of their children.

This year on National Children's Health Day, families can take a moment to reflect on the current state of Children's Health and recognize this holiday with the following tips and actions:

  1. Get Active: Promote physical activity and outdoor playtime for children.

  2. Present Healthy Food Options: Encourage a balanced diet and limit fast food, sugary and processed foods.

  3. Schedule Checkups: Make sure your child's vaccinations and wellness checks are up to date.

  4. Encourage Communication: Talk to kids about any health concerns and seek medical attention, if necessary.

  5. Creative a supportive environment: Provide a safe and clean space for kids and offer emotional support.

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