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Hypothesis Haven 2019 Christmas Gift Guide : Gifts for Book Lovers

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Sparking literacy and an early interest in science is a gift worth giving to kids this holiday season.

We’ve put together a collection of books that introduce scientific and biological concepts in ways that are perfect for children, and that parents can learn from, too!*

*Hypothesis Haven earns a small commission from qualifying purchases from Amazon Affiliate links below.

1) ABCs of Biology is part of the Baby University series, and is a simple primer that shares new biology concepts for every letter of the alphabet.

2) Cell Biology For Babies is the perfect introduction to the wonders of the human body. Don’t get hung up on the title, the content covered is ideal for introducing cell anatomy and biology to kids (and adults) of all ages.

3) The Baby Biochemist: DNA teaches all about what DNA is, where it is stored, and what it does.

4) Bacteria and Antibiotics, from the Baby Medical School series, explores bacteria, antibiotics, penicillin and its mechanism of action, and the principles of antibiotic resistance.

5) Goodnight Lab: A Scientific Parody is a peek inside the clutter and chaos of lab life at the end of a fulfilling day of research.

6) Doc 2 Doc: Tony and Jace Learn About The Heart introduces science and the field of medicine to children in a fun and colorful way following the adventures of Tony and Jace, brothers who have dreams of becoming medical doctors.

7) Look I'm a Scientist guides kids through 14 hands-on learning experiences that will get them playing and discovering amazing everyday science.

8) The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book helps kids recreate dozens of mind-blowing science experiments with a few household items.

9) Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids is designed to test logic, lateral thinking and memory by engaging the brain to see patterns and connections between different things and circumstances. It’s great for kids 8 years and up and also includes brain teasers that are fun for the whole family!

What are your favorite science books for kids?

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