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A Safe + Spook-tacular Halloween 🎃👻😷

Halloween safety is more important than ever this year. Below are some options (in order of risk level) for traditional, socially-distanced, and isolated celebrations.

Door-to-Door (High Risk)

This year, traditional door-to-door trick or treating is considered high risk due to having close contact with lots of different people.

If you are planning on trick-or-treating with the kids, keep your group confined to kids from your household, and use cloth face masks in addition to costume masks for added protection.

Low Contact (Moderate Risk)

Many neighborhoods (including my own) are hosting trick-or-treat stations with treat tables on the lawn or driveway.

The key to this method is having individually packaged treats for each child since germs can be passed inside of a single candy bowl.

Here are a few more ideas for low contact Halloween fun.

At Home (Low Risk)

For kids who will be spending the evening at home, there are lot of fun choices like scary movies, or these indoor and outdoor Halloween activities, decor, games, and craft how-tos.

Stay safe!

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