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About Us

Hypothesis Haven is an educational program that uses the principles of scientific discovery to create the next generation of innovative thinkers.

Our program was founded with the goal of building critical thinking skills and self-confidence in science by teaching kids the methods that scientists take to answer medicine's biggest questions.  Read more about our school-based Science Clubs, our Bright Ideas Vacation Camp and our Discovery Day workshop.


Bridget Chapital, BS, MEd

Founder / Director

Bridget is a health education professional with 17+ years experience in the biomedical research industry, including roles with UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and Baylor College of Medicine.


Hypothesis Haven is the culmination of her dream to share her knowledge in the medical research field with the next generation of young scientists.


Bridget earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor University and a Master’s degree in Health Education from the University of Houston, and her passion is in developing novel strategies to promote health equity for all communities.



Hypothesis Haven is currently hiring for Spring 2020 Semester Science Club and Summer 2020 Bright Idea Vacation Camp.