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Hypothesis Haven Science Club is not your average STEM program.  We are creating the next generation of innovative thinkers by exploring how medical researchers use science to diagnose, treat and cure health conditions.

Our camps, workshops and after-school programs provide a FUN and interactive learning experience for children ages 4-13 while teaching them the methods that scientists take to find answers to medicine's biggest questions.


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In the last few decades, innovations in technology and medicine have led to discoveries that have saved millions of lives, with the potential to save even more.


At Hypothesis Haven, we are passionate about equipping kids with the higher-order thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities that will spark a lifetime of curiosity and lead to big medical breakthroughs.


We bring the fun to you with "pop-up" events that are perfect for your next community fair, corporate event, school STEM day or PTA Spirit Night!

From building DNA models to learning about germ theory, our hands-on programs encourage kids to explore their curiosity about life science. 


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Our inquiry-based, TEKS-aligned  curriculum​​ is designed by scientists and educators to make the scientific discovery process fun and relatable for kids from 4-13 years old.


We offer:

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“There are many STEM programs for coding, engineering and robotics, but not many that focus on medical research. I love that Hypothesis Haven offers kids a different approach to STEM.”

Janet P., Hypothesis Haven Parent



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