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In the last few decades, innovations in science and technology have allowed medical researchers to make discoveries that have saved millions of lives, and have the potential to save even more.


At Hypothesis Haven, we believe that equipping children with critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills will spark a lifetime of learning that will lead to the next big medical breakthrough.

Read more about our school-based Science Clubs, Bright Ideas Vacation Camp and Discovery Day workshop.  Our inquiry-based programs feature fun and engaging content taught by instructors who are passionate about science education.

Hypothesis Haven Science Club is a school enrichment program offered at participating elementary and middle schools.


Each week, students transform into a team of scientists to engage in hands-on, interactive projects that explore how the power of science drives medical breakthroughs. 


Students learn about the amazing systems of the human body and practice basic science techniques used to discover treatments for a range of health conditions.

For preschools, we offer Hypothesis Haven Question Club designed especially for our littlest scientists!

If you are a preschool or elementary school that wants to feature Hypothesis Haven Science Club as part of your after-school, email us at info@hypothesishaven.com.


Hypothesis Haven's Bright Ideas Vacation Camp provides a FUN and unique experience while teaching kids the methods that scientists take to find answers to medicine's biggest questions.

This week-long project-based camp provides opportunities for students to engage in hands-on scientific discovery and leads them through the process that medical researchers use to diagnose, treat and find cures for diseases.

Every topic is designed by scientists and educators to promote higher-order thinking through fun and interactive learning.


Each week, we cover a different theme including how the systems of the body work and how illnesses like asthma, food allergies, and even cancer are discovered and treated.  We also introduce students to famous (and not so famous) medical pioneers like Michael DeBakey and Rosalind Franklin whose discoveries have improved millions of lives.

This camp, for 1st through 6th graders, slows down “brain drain” learning loss during spring break, summer and winter  vacation.

**Sibling discounts and scholarships available!

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Hypothesis Haven's "Discovery Day" is a one-day workshop that introduces students to methods of scientific discovery and the notable medical breakthroughs that impact our everyday lives.  

The workshop includes the "STEAM" approach, which uses the arts (humanities, language arts, dance, drama, music, visual arts, and design) to deepen understanding of traditional health science concepts.


We offer a variety of workshops tailored to students from 1st grade through junior high.


This workshop is available as a stand-alone option or can be included in an organization's existing programming.  Content can be customized to meet the particular learning needs of your organization.

Contact us TODAY for more details or to book this workshop!