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Hypothesis Haven Science Club is the first and only educational program for children 5-13 that uses the principles of scientific discovery to create the next generation of innovative thinkers.

Our programs feature fun and engaging real-world topics taught by instructors who are passionate about science education.

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This week-long camp gives kids the opportunity for hands-on scientific discovery and leads them through the basics of the clinical trials process.


Every topic is designed by scientists and educators to promote scientific thinking through fun and interactive projects and games.


Each week covers a different theme, including how the systems of the body work and how illnesses like asthma, food allergies, and even cancer are discovered and treated.  We also introduce students to famous (and not so famous) medical pioneers like Michael DeBakey and Rosalind Franklin whose discoveries have improved millions of lives.


Our camps include the "STEAM" approach, which uses the arts (humanities, language arts, dance, drama, music, visual arts, and design) to deepen understanding of health science concepts.


**Sibling discounts and scholarships available!

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Hypothesis Haven Science Club provides enrichment programs at participating elementary and middle schools.


Our lessons are designed by scientists and educators to make the scientific discovery process fun and relatable.


Each week, students transform into a team of scientists to engage in hands-on, interactive projects that explore how the power of science drives medical breakthroughs. 


Students learn about the dynamic systems of the human body while practicing medical research techniques used to discover treatments for a range of health conditions.


Contact us to bring Hypothesis Haven Science Club to your after-school program. 


Our workshops introduce students to methods of scientific discovery and the notable medical breakthroughs that impact our everyday lives.  


We offer a variety of workshops suitable for children from 1st grade through junior high.  Workshop themes can be customized to fit the interests of your medical practice, company or school.


Workshops are available as a stand-alone option or can be included as part of an organization's existing program.  

Contact us TODAY for more details or to book a workshop for your group!

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