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Hypothesis Haven Science Club® is not your average STEM program.  We are the first and only medical science program for children ages 6-12 that provides early exposure to life science careers and teaches the steps that scientists take to discover, treat, and cure illnesses that harm people.

Grab your lab coat and get ready to explore!

The future needs scientists, engineers, problem-solvers and innovators.

​Unlike other science programs for kids that focus on making DIY volcanos and slime, we use the clinical research process as a tool to teach children the problem-solving skills and innovation mindset necessary for leaders of the future.

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Each week, students learn about the amazing systems of the human body and practice basic science techniques to treat health condtions. 


Our week-long project-based camps engage kids in the scientific discovery process that scientists use to discover and treat diseases.


Our events introduce students to the scientific method and notable medical breakthroughs that impact us everyday.


We send the fun anywhere you are with hands-on 

STEM kits that teach about

life-saving scientific discoveries!

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After School
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✔ Learn the basics of clinical research

✔ 50 min. class (12, 8 and 6 week sessions)

✔ Convenient schedule right after school

✔ All fees and materials included

Registration ends soon!


Our community engagement events share the basics of clinical research. 

Available Online and In-Person



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Contact us for information about our programs, activities, and more.

Hypothesis Haven Science Club®

Serving Houston, TX and surrounding areas


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